Ways to get started

Feel welcome to come and watch or try a class. From time to time we offer a variety of courses suitable for beginners.  Alternatively, we can arrange a few private sessions to prepare you to join regular practices/classes. Just call, text, or email and ask. 

Current offer: 

Introduction to Aikido   

Mondays 6-7:30   Start anytime from Jan 16th.   

The emphasis will be on basic movement principles and cultivating inner stability and strength.  Learn to fall and roll, and basic Aikido techniques. The aim is for you to feel prepared to join the regular classes for an ongoing practice. Develop capacity to move and interact with grace and fearlessness. 

Introductory Aikido -
Mondays 6-7:30 pm      
Jan 16th - Feb 27th   

An introduction to the philosophy and principles and basic forms of Aikido. Learn basic stances and attacks, some basic techniques, and how to fall and roll.  

Solo Practices - online TBD                    

Call it Aiki-yoga. Breath and hara development. Strength, flexibility, and alignment, for whole-body movement - grace and agility. For beginners or seasoned Aikido practitioners or those who don't do Aikido at all.  Energize your week.

Women's class  -

Hoping to get a group of women together for a weekly in-person practice. For beginners who want to ease into a practice, or experienced women wanting to ease back into training.

Join us at the dojo for a Valkyrie event - connect virtually with women practitioners across the country. The next one is January 14th. 

Outdoor Aiki-ken TBD

Training with a wooden sword (bokken) naturally sharpens our focus, teaches us timing and alignment.   For beginners and experienced Aikidoka alike.